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Dominick Marsala, In Memoriam

Owner & Lead Attorney


I am Attorney Dominick Marsala, a criminal defense lawyer in Denton. Passionate about what I do for a living, I take pride in working hard for my clients. I love helping people, I love defending people, and I love working toward obtaining optimal results in even the most challenging cases.

My dedication to the law and to upholding the rights of the accused is apparent in every case I handle. When clients come to me, they and their families know that they can trust my law firm to take care of their legal needs.

When I interact with people, I speak from the heart because I feel it's important for potential clients to know the person with whom they are entrusting their life and future.

Education, Work Experience, and Life Lessons

Having earned my Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University in 2005, I am the first person in my extended family to have completed higher education. I worked hard throughout school to obtain my educational, and eventually career, goals and received academic scholarships for both undergraduate and law school.

While completing courses for my degrees, I also worked 40 to 60 hours a week, waiting tables and interning. These roles taught me valuable life lessons. First, hard work is the cornerstone of getting results. Putting in the time and effort needed to achieve a goal is not only necessary but rewarding. I carry this mindset with me in my legal practice. I never look for the fastest or easiest resolution to a case. I figure out the work that needs to be done, and then I go for it at full force.

The second lesson I learned while waiting tables and interning was that I can lead and work with a team. I am capable of working for myself and running an effective and efficient law firm.

And third, I learned how to relate to people and understand their concerns, even when I have had minimal interactions with them. This is an essential skill for a criminal defense lawyer, as empathizing with my clients allows me to develop strategies specific to their situations. Listening to them, I understand their goals and needs, and I care about how their cases resolve.

Dedication to Every Case

Criminal matters are very complex, and effectively handling them requires a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, I have the resources necessary to take on a case and dedicate 100% of my focus on it. My life centers around work not just because I love what I do, but because I know how personal a criminal matter can be. I know that questions or concerns can arise at any time of the day, and I want to be available to my clients when they need me. Additionally, I want them to know I will always answer their questions.

The issues my clients face affect them and their loved ones, especially their children and spouses. My goal is to minimize the conflicts and stresses they are feeling. Taking on the legal burdens and nuances of a case, I relieve a great deal of frustrations from my clients' minds.

I provide representation for all types of criminal matters, from misdemeanors to felonies. I also handle writs of Habeas Corpus and criminal record-clearing cases. I have obtained dismissals or acquittals in a range of cases.

Helping My Clients' Stories Be Heard

Having grown up as a witness to abuse, as well as having been falsely accused of abuse, I know that every story has two sides. Unfortunately, the victim of abuse is often arrested because of their present circumstances – they finally found the courage to stand up against their abuser. If their actions result in criminal charges, I stand up for them. My first murder case was pro-bono for a woman in such a situation. I fought hard for her, and she now works for a colleague.

I feel that those who can give back should do so. I regularly donate money and time to Denton County's program for abused women.

Honest and Upfront Representation

Shortly before starting law school, I was accused of driving while intoxicated. I hired an attorney who charged me a ton and told me exactly what I wanted to hear. But they weren't upfront with me, and despite all the money, time, and energy I spent, my lawyer did not follow through on their promises.

I resolved then and there never to be that type of attorney. I don't give false hopes. Instead, I assess the circumstances and let my clients know the reality of the situation.


When I'm not practicing law, I spend my time learning Spanish, ranching, and perfecting my soup recipe.

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