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Denton County Violent Crimes Lawyers for Assault and Aggravated Assault Charges

Having an assault or aggravated assault charge on your record can leave you labeled as a violent criminal for life. This can cost you opportunities in the future long after any legal sentence imposed has ended. You may even find that the people around you are suddenly afraid of you. Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges for simple assault or felony charges for aggravated assault, your situation is serious. Texas courts take violence very seriously - there is little tolerance for those who commit assaultive offenses.

Magaña & Van Dyke knows all too well that these charges can arise out of anything from genuine self-defense to a conflict that escalated too far. Rarely are assaults completely unprovoked or completely one-sided. Our attorneys are skilled at employing a number of techniques to bring to light all the facts and circumstances surrounding what happened in order to build the best defenses possible for each case.

Law Firm for Simple Assault Charges in Gainesville

You may be surprised to learn that you can be convicted of assault even if you were not intentionally trying to hurt someone. In Texas, recklessly causing bodily injury to someone is enough. Further, the definition of "bodily injury" includes any pain, even if the victim does not have so much as a bruise or scrape. It is quite easy for very simple actions arising from an interpersonal conflict to meet these criteria.

Making offensive or provocative contact with another person can count as well, although this type of assault requires a showing that you did so knowingly or intentionally. What counts as "offensive or provocative" contact can be quite open for interpretation.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, you can be convicted of assault even if you did not actually make physical contact with the alleged victim. A threat of bodily harm can suffice. Words spoken in anger during a heated argument accompanied by any kind of act that could make the alleged victim think you were serious can count as a misdemeanor assault.

Our attorneys know how easily a simple argument can escalate and lead to an assault charge. In some cases, people are arrested based on a false claim - common in domestic violence cases - or while attempting to defend themselves. We can sometimes build powerful defenses simply by calling attention to the full context of the events leading to your arrest.

Flower Mound Aggravated Assault Attorneys

If you have been accused of aggravated assault, the stakes are much higher. This offense is at least a third-degree felony, and a conviction will usually lead to significant prison time. Generally speaking, aggravated assault is a more serious form of assault. It can be charged in one of two ways.

The first is by causing serious bodily injury. This can include things like causing a broken bone, permanent scarring, concussions, or other types of injuries for which the alleged victim would need urgent medical care. This offense may be regarded as one step down from manslaughter.

The other involves the use of a deadly weapon during what would otherwise have been a simple assault. Again, you need not have actually used the weapon to hurt the alleged victim. Brandishing a knife and making a threat may be sufficient.

Magaña & Van Dyke is experienced at defending those accused of this violent crime. We start each case with a thorough examination of the available facts as well as any relevant background information so that we can begin building a strong defense strategy.

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If you are up against assault or aggravated assault charges, Magaña & Van Dyke has the criminal defense experience and knowledge you need. We will relentlessly fight for the most beneficial outcome possible in your case. Contact our law offices at 940-382-1976 to schedule a free consultation.

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