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Denton County Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer for Charges Involving Cannabis and THC Products

Getting arrested and charged with a criminal offense over a substance that would be perfectly legal a couple of hours away can be frustrating. It can also leave you with a drug offense record that you may never be able to shake. Even though quite a few states have legalized marijuana for medical or even recreational use, Texas absolutely has not. Our state still considers THC products illicit substances, and you can go to jail if you are caught with them. It does not matter if you walked into a store and bought them "legally" in another state. The second you returned to Texas with them, you broke a state law - not to mention a federal one.

Magaña & Van Dyke offers top-quality legal representation to those who have been arrested for cannabis possession or distribution in Texas. As with any other type of drug crime, there are a number of possible defenses. We have also successfully secured alternative sentencing options that leave clients with no criminal record. Our attorneys will begin by thoroughly investigating the facts of your case to determine which defense strategy will benefit you the most.

THC Product Possession Attorneys in Lewisville

Cannabis or THC-containing products in any form are against Texas state law. If you are caught with dry flower, edibles, a tincture, capsules, or any other form of THC found in modern dispensaries, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. Even paraphernalia purchased legally in Texas can leave you facing charges the second it looks like you were going to use it to smoke or consume cannabis. The good news is that marijuana is treated differently than some harder drugs, and there may be more room for a lawyer to protect you from harsh sentencing.

Magaña & Van Dyke handles cannabis possession cases skillfully. In some cases, we can secure a sentencing alternative like probation or court-ordered substance abuse treatment that when completed, triggers an automatic dismissal of your charges. In other cases, we may challenge the state's assertion that you were even legally in possession. We customize our defense strategy for each client to give you the best odds of avoiding a criminal record over marijuana.

Lawyers for Marijuana Distribution in Flower Mound

Those accused of selling cannabis rarely look like the stereotypical drug dealer. They may be college students, full-time workers trying to earn some extra cash with a "side gig," or even suburban parents. Your arrest may have shocked you, or you may have been worried about the possibility of getting caught for a long time. You could find yourself looking at a distribution charge based on the quantity in your possession while "stocking up" for yourself in the nearest legal state. Either way, these charges are a bit more serious than getting caught with a personal-use amount.

The consequences for what may seem like a very harmless - or even helpful - crime can be serious. Distributing less than 1/4 ounce without taking payment is the least serious form of the offense - and it is punishable by up to 180 days in jail. Distribution of up to 1/4 ounce in return for payment is a Class A misdemeanor, and a conviction may result in a sentence of up to one year in prison. If you are charged with distribution of more than 1/4 ounce, you could find yourself facing a felony.

We will find the defense approach that offers the strongest protections to you. Our goal is to minimize the impact this case will have on your life in the long term, whether that means fighting for your case to be dismissed or making a strong case for a reduction in charges.

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If you are facing charges related to THC products or cannabis, Magaña & Van Dyke can build an aggressive defense for you. Call us at 940-382-1976 or contact us online to find out how we can help you with a free consultation.

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